August… what a month!

Where do I start. 

August. This has probably been the most busiest and most diverse month since the start of my freelancing life. I’ve been so incredibly thankful to have been fully booked every month since January 2017, and it’s all thanks to my brilliant clients all around. Thank you!

August has been busier more in terms of how many people I’ve worked for in 31 short days. I’ve been here, there, and everywhere, all over London, working across a huge range of shoots from basic product shots, styled still life, high-end creative still life and retouching work. I can’t really say too much about who I’ve been working with, due to my own business privacy, but two of them have been huge UK brands that I’ve had a brilliant time working for. 

I recently upgraded my shooting software and hardware, and in result shooting tethered has been so much faster. Really, really fast. So the time it took me to shoot was cut down dramatically when I was on a 4 day shoot a few weeks ago, and it made such a massive difference to my workflow. Shots were done quicker, processed quicker, retouched quicker, copied and backed up quicker, and it’s all thanks to a much faster processor and a newer SSD hard drive to store the data. 

It was an unexpected investment, thanks to my then current laptop completely killing over, but I regret nothing! The processing speed has increased dramatically, and this is reflecting on my work. Speedier work and I’m very happy with that!

So thank you, August, for a brilliant month of work. September is fully booked apart from 2 remaining days, so get in if you want me to shoot for you. September also brings a long awaited workshop I booked to go on back in February. 2 days of in depth constant shooting and networking, but 4 days out of work for travel there and back. I can’t wait! I’ll do a little blog about it when I’m back and have edited what I shot over the two days.

Ciao for now!


Tokyo, Japan, March 2017

Hello! Welcome to my blog, here at  

First things first, I’m not a regular blogger (at present!) so I’m just going to put it out there and say, do not expect a blog post every day/week etc. Things may change in the near future though! In all honesty, I’m busily working on all sorts of jobs and personal projects that most of my time is spent working, thinking of ideas or the usual life stuff. Chores is in there somewhere…

Rather than doing a huge post as an extended “about me”, I thought I’d jump right in with a post about photography…mixed in with a teeny bit more about me! Be honest, it’s why you’re here on my delightful website, to view my photography, and I thank you for your visit!

Roll back to March 2017, my husband and I went to Tokyo. (Here comes a bit about me…)

Since I was about 16, I’ve had a huge interest in the Japanese culture and lifestyle. It’s always been something that’s fascinated me and actually inspired a lot about how I go about my life. Some of my old school friends made fun of me for loving it, but that didn’t stop me. I’ve been learning the language since I was 18 (with a huge gap between 20 and 25), but have recently picked it all up again like I never left. It has been my dream for so many years to visit Japan, but particularly Tokyo as it’s always been a place that most of my favourite music, TV dramas, actors and actresses have been discovered from. Naturally, I’ve always wanted to go there, first. 

June 2016 came round and we saw a deal online to go for March 2017 and we could not say no. Finally, my dream will come true!

So months of waiting later, and a short stop over in Beijing, we finally made it to Tokyo, and here is a tiny fraction of what I photographed during that time. There’s almost too much to talk about about our trip that I’ll babble on in bliss for ages, so I leave you to absorb the epic trip we had through my photos. I’ve separated the photos by date taken so it’ll make a bit more sense when you browse through. :)

Image set 1: Friday to Sunday. We travelled for about 17 hour between leaving the UK Friday evening, and arriving in Tokyo on Saturday night, Japanese time. 

Image set 2: Monday

Image set 3: Tuesday

Image set 4: Wednesday

Image set 5: Thursday-Saturday. We left Tokyo at 8:30am Japanese time on Saturday 1st April.

So there you have it! My week in Tokyo, Japan. It’s funny how I actually cried in the terminal and when our plane took off from Japanese soil. I still to this day miss the people, the culture and the way of life so much. The Japanese are the most friendliest and helpful people I’ve ever spoken to. I really miss that. Until next time, Japan, I will be back soon!


Canon Summer Meet 2017


On the 21st of June 2017, I was invited to Canon’s Summer Meet hosted in central London on the 22nd June. After a couple of change of plans, I finished a shoot on the Wednesday and headed straight to the venue.

Canon hosted their event at 58VE along the bank of the River Thames, on the hottest June day since records began. We were all aksed to wait in the foyer on the ground floor until 7pm, when they let group by group enter the lifts up to the 6th floor, where we were greeted with a cool glass of prosecco, a Hawaiian lanyard, and smiles of welcome from the Canon team. After a hot day in the studio, it was so lovely to be greeted with the cool drink! 

The venue itself was fairly small, but perfectly suited to the amount of people invited to the event. Wonderfully intimate, and it allowed people to start conversation and enjoy a relaxed evening at ease. The bar was free, and hot dogs and burgers were provided. A candy floss stall was perched just by the bar, and it was a giggle watching one of the Canon team members having a go at making a stick. She had such a laugh, it was brilliant.

Canon are hosting a fantastic competition this Summer with a chance to win a trip “chasing the Summer” around the globe, so naturally this was advertised throughout the venue. Invitees had a chance to win a few extra goodies too! 

Canon had set up a demo table, covered with camera ranging from the compact all the way through to the 1DX. Amongst the drooling display for Canon users was the 5D MKIV. I’m a 5D MKIII user, and it’s a stunning piece of equipment, but since the MKIV announcement, I’ve had my eye on it. I had a good chance to have hands on feel of the camera, and it did not disappoint. 

Out on the terrace, they had set up 3 MKIVs to try out, all with a variety of lenses facing the beautiful landscape of the River Thames. Thankfully, the terrace was not in the sun so it stayed cool enough to really enjoy the whole experience.

I had a lovely chat with a member of the Canon staff about my work and her work and it was actually quite nice not talking to people like it was a sales pitch! 

Sadly I couldn’t stay until the 10:30pm finish, but I had a wonderful time having a chat with fellow Canon users and enjoying the Summer sunset, all together, enjoying the same thing we all have in common: Canon and photography! 


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