1. Get to know the person behind the studio - 10 random facts about Katie Howey @ Katie Howey Studio

    2024-02-28 12:42:10 UTC
    Hi I’m Katie, and when I refer to getting to know ‘us’, I mean me as I am the one and only face behind Katie Howey Studio I started the Katie Howey brand in 2009 and renamed to Katie Howey Studio in 2023, after opening up my services to other…

  2. Impact!

    2024-02-19 16:27:35 UTC
    Images 👏 with 👏 IMPACT Last year I had another wonderful opportunity to work with a brand that I have been working with since the very start of my career, Umberto Giannini. I did my first ever shoot with UG way back in 2009 when I first started working as…

  3. One Year With a Delightful New Friend

    2024-01-13 17:55:30 UTC
    So here we are in 2024 - almost half way through the month. It’s pretty mad how fast the time goes!   I hope everyone reading this had a great new year celebrating the day we can finally get our shiny new diaries out of the cupboard.   At the beginning of…

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